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About Summary statistics

Summarising data by calculating summary statistics is a common requirement in not just hydrological fields but all statistical work. This model provides the ability to generate statistics (mean, median, max, min) for each season (as defined by the user) in a data file. The modal also provides the ability to generate summary statistics for the whole data file (mean, median, max, min, 1.5 year ARI, 2 year ARI, 5 year ARI, 10 year ARI).

Model purpose

The purpose of the model is to calculate summary statistics for timeseries data

Development context

This is a simple, general purpose model.

Spatial application

This is a general purpose model and is applicable to any location.

Model description

Ecohydrological rules

The model separates the provided data into years as defined by the specified season. The yearly statistics are then calculated for each year. The whole period statistics are then calculated on the whole period.

Assessment method

This model has no assessment due to the format of its results.


  • Daily flow time series data
Parameter Sections
  • Data – define the season to split data into. Provide a start and end date (day/month).
  • Stats – define the statistics to calculate for each year, and across the whole period.


  • Yearly timeseries of calculated statistics
  • Summary statistics

User interface

Underlying code

This plugin is written in Python and its underlying code is publicly available from the Eco Risk Projector computation repository.