About Eco Risk Projector

Eco Risk Projector is a web-based modelling tool that:

  • Quantifies the temporal habitat availability for any scenario of observed or modelled flow data (and other temporally varying habitat suitability related conditions such as temperature and depth)
  • Quantifies the effect of interannual variability.
  • Creates overall risk reports for a model (usually representing a species) across multiple sites by considering the risk of multiple simultaneous habitat failures.

The Eco Risk Projector computation is driven by a python based plugin architecture to allow for rapid creation of new models. You can check out the source code for the computational engine here.

Who it is for

Eco Risk Projector is for water planning and reporting, it is designed for environmental water planners to compare and contrast the ecological risk of alternative water use scenarios. You can also use Eco Risk Projector for reporting against observed flow by connecting to live gauges for real-time reporting.

Where it applies

Eco Risk Projector applies anywhere that has daily streamflow data. A core feature of an Eco Risk Projector system is being able to define the reporting locations (stream gauges) to assess.

How it works

You set up a system (collection of reporting locations), add scenario data to your reporting locations. Then create models (mostly based on aquatic habitat requirements) for the species or processes of interest. Models are then run so you can explore the results by comparing the environmental risk through space and time for different species or processes across different flow scenarios.​

Learn more about how Eco Risk Projector works >>


The underlying computational approach (Eco Risk plugin modelling engine) was developed by Truii in collaboration with the Queensland Government. The Queensland Government has been applying a structured habitat modelling and risk assessment process to water resource plan assessment for over 10 years. Eco Risk Projector represents a web based automated way to apply the approach utilised by the Queensland Government. Eco Risk Projector has the advantage of version control and archiving which is important for record keeping and transparency in government decision making. ​


Truii Pty Ltd owns Eco Risk Projector. The underlying python based Eco Risk plugin modelling engine is made available under a creative commons licence. The Eco Risk Projector web application (which provides the interface and data management functionality) is provided as a service by Truii Pty Ltd. Truii charges an access fee to cover the cost of development, hosting and support.

How development is managed

The prioritisation of new functionality and refinement is management by a working group chaired by Truii. The Eco Risk Projector working group meets up to quarterly (as demand requires). The working group considers development priorities and the timing of future functionality releases. Participation in the working group is open to anyone with a financial commitment to Eco Risk Projector (the users).​